Brogues Over Hoes

New Briefcase Day

Ever since entering the professional work world, I have been lusting after leather briefcases.  Unfortunately, when you start working, your salary doesn’t necessarily align with your wants.  Fast forward a few years and months of saving, I decided it was time to buy a leather briefcase.  After weeks of surfing the web, reading way too many styleforum posts and comparing a stupid amount of small jpgs, I finally pulled the trigger on the Frank Clegg American Briefcase.  In the end, Frank Clegg seemed like a good fit given what I was looking for. 

I received the bag a few weeks ago and am quite impressed by the quality and construction.  First off, the bag is friggin gorgeous.  Gorgeous.  In the past couple weeks I’ve gotten a ton of compliments, to the point where I’ve even gotten words of approval from random strangers.  My ego has thanked me overtly too much for making this purchase.  It is a beautiful bag.  I have a feeling it will stay in my rotation for years to come.

After using the bag the bag for a few weeks, here are some of the things I’ve noticed about it.  The leather is a very nice grade.  It’s smooth, supple and free from any blemishes or fat deposits.  Part of the reason why I decided on Frank Clegg for a bag is their commitment to using high grade leather at affordable prices.  The vegetable tanned leather is rich in both depth and color.  I opted for the bag in cognac so that I could see how the bag ages with time.  I’m excited to see it develop that enviable classic leather patina that we all love.

Construction wise, everything is polished to a tee.  Stitching is straight and dead on.  Hardware is solid brass and weighty.  It doesn’t look like any shortcuts here.  Time will tell as I put this through the regular wear and tear of day to day use, but on first glimpse it looks like it should last years to come.

The bag has a divider that breaks it into two main compartments. Aside from that there is a zipper pouch in the front as well as pockets for phones, pens, namecards and other various odds & ends.  In the back there is another open pocket which makes for easy access for quick items.  It’s easy enough to throw the wife’s 13” macbook pro with a sleeve into either compartment.  My 15” macbook pro is another story, it barely fits and sticks out a bit.  The bag is good for office life.  It holds everything I need on a daily basis without being to big.

Overall, I’m excited about this bag.  Handsome leather tanning and quality, attractive yet functional shape to the bag, solid construction throughout the piece - the briefcase has all the classic elements to become a heritage piece.  And being made in Massachusetts, Boston, it even holds a bit of Americana.  I have a feeling that this will be an heirloom bag that I’ll pass down to my unborn son.  It’s a pretty penny, but worth it in the end.